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The dreaded "are you still watching" used to pop up every 4 eps or so but now its almost costent.after 2 eps and even asking me in the middle of eps. Its annoying and aggrivating.

Yes its only a small problem but when you are continuisly asking me when im still watching when i am clearly in the middle of watching something is getting old. Im paying netflix to watch uninterupted shows and movies, not to waste my time and my controller battery just to click play again.

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Terribly sorry! I should have mentioned that i stream netflix on a ps4.

But im glad to hear this not just happening to me lol. I hope they resolve the problem.

I dont hate that it asks if im still watching but if it could happen atleast every 5 episodes instead of two or in the middle of the episode then im completely okay with that. :)


Never heard of this nor had it happen, but then I watch Netflix streaming via Roku. Sounds like you are watching/streaming directly to/via your computer.

If so, adjust your power setting so the screen saver, sleep, power modes are not enabled. If there is no activity, like mouse movement, etc. your computer will go into these power saving modes.

If you tell it to never do so, you may solve your problem. Just a thought.

Essex, England, United Kingdom #1129755

I'm in the U.K and I noticed this happening more and more, so it's not just happening to you in the US....and yes it is very annoying!

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