I am also having issues with Netflix. When I first joined about 4 months ago all was well and they were sending me the new releases quite quickly.

Well now I have had it with them. My first 3 videos are new releases and have been waiting on at least 2 of them for over a month. Well still nothing so forget this I am switching to blockbuster.

Better service and at least you get the DVD you want quicker and they come out sooner that Netflix. I am fed up with these guys.Long waits and new releases take forever to get

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I was thinking of joining "Netflux you over" and changed my mind after reading some of the complaints. Thanks for saving me the frustration.


Net flix works well if you know how to work the system. when to send your moves back to get the new ones (send them in on friday and on monday they send new ones they go from the top of your que and if they dont have the top they move down.

. how amny items to have on your que to better chances.


Good Luck with Blockbuster. They are on the list of 10 buisinesses that are predicted to go under.

Not to insult your intelligence, but with New Realeases there could be a substantial backlog on those titles.

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