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i dont know who this new ceo is but he or she is going to bankrupt netflix i already cancelled my dvd subscription and now im going to cancel the tv part they took away all the movies so you would have to get the dvds netflix you suck now i have three rokus i cant use when i try to get a hold of someone i dont get my problem resolved they started out a winner my advice dont fix what aint broke .if everyone would cancel their subscription they would either go under or give people what they want

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Netflix stock is down from $304 in July to $67 today. Eventially, they will get the idea that their CEO needs to get the boot or the company will go under.

They were warned about this from the public when they announced the increase, and the CEO stated that the increase was simply the price of a lattee. This shows you how out of touch they are with the economy and public.

Let them go under. Stockholders are furious.

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