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Netflix is a horrible company!! They charged my credit card 8 times in one day for one month of service.

They said it was denied by mastercard, but when I checked mc had autherized it 8X and was holding all the money in pre-autherization for netflix to take. Wich meant it was money I couldn't access (mc debit card) . In turn it held up my mortgage payment and now I have incurred late fee's!!! When speaking to customer service, they kept denying any fault on their part, laying blame on mc.

I checked thuroughly and it was not mc fault, it was netflix 100%. 8 payments in one day being held in limbo for a week!!! I then canceled my account with them, and they could care less. My husband called the next day and they were nasty and didn't care.

The worst customer service ever. They don't care about their clients at all!!! They have poor selection and no new movies in instant stream. Taking my business elsewhere!

Good riddance!!

By the way all the positive comments you see are netflix employees trying to do damage control on their terribly tarnished reputation!!! Run don't walk away from netflix!!

Review about: Netflix Customer Care.

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You make it so obvious. I only told the truth, deal with it. I could think of many names to call you, but I have more class, just sayin'


Only commenting because I have defended Netflix on previous posts AND I DON'T F@CKING WORK FOR NETFLIX!!!! Not everyone who defends a company on this site has to work for that company, and to think that's the case kinda makes you an ***.

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