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I have had netflix for 6 months,I had no problems until a week ago streaming movies would stop error said silverlight needed reloading, did it! dident work!

after a week of being told it was google and windows , I recoverd my whole system, now silverlight works, but my movie boxes are black, cant scrool right to see other movie choices,audio and video cant keep up with each other.

I see I am not the only one haveing problems, is there a fix out there other than dropping my membership?

Any ideas are very much welcome,Good luck to to all! :)

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Clear the cookies and history in your browsers. But before you do that, you will need to be sure you know your log in and passwords for any sites you frequent, as clearing the cookies and history will wipe that clean off your browser data. The symptoms you describe are an indication of data build up in your browsers that if left to build up for too long, simply clogs up your computer (and browsers) leading to frequent buffering, freezing, out of sync audio/video and missing picture art, etc. If you are unsure how to clear your cookies and history, google it. Also, you will want to install the free alternate browsers and try to see if your streaming improves at all on one browser in your system versus another. For instance, I much prefer Firefox on my computer, but others may prefer IE or Chrome. If you are on Mac, be sure not to use Chrome or Opera, only Safari or Firefox on Mac for streaming NF.

Also, if symptoms persist after clearing cookies and history off browsers, you will want to uninstall and reinstall Silverlight. You may have done this already, but often times that process is not done properly, leading to continued symptoms and a maddening vicious cycle of chasing the issue.

Be sure to 'search' your computer for any and all old versions of Silverlight AND the temp files! Delete everything and you MUST empty the trash can too. Then reinstall the latest version of Silverlight and completely power-down your computer then back up to 'kick-in' that latest version.

If your symptoms persist, you will want to unplug your modem and router from the wall (or power strip) for about two minutes to clear out any bogged down data that cause these type of streaming symptoms. Modems, when left plugged in for too long without a bit of a refresher off the power source, get clogged with data too. (about once a month for consistent strong internet connection and smooth streaming)

If all of the above is done and you still have issues on your computer, you will want to check your audio and video cards are up to date. If unsure, you can search on your NF Help page (upper right link) 'System Requirements' to find what your computer would need to be compatible.

Enjoy your Netflix!

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