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I signed up for Netflix about 2 weeks ago and then received word that my subscription price was doubling in costs because of the separation of streaming video and DVD rentals. If the streaming video side of Netflix were more robust and offered all the titles I wanted to watch, I would have had to seriously think about canceling my membership.

But because their service and selection is so weak, they have made an easy choice for me to get rid of them and switch to something else.

I haven't seen a bait & switch this obvious in a while. So long Netflix, don't ever come knocking on my DVR again...

Review about: Netflix Streaming Service.

Monetary Loss: $9.

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I am outraged at the greed Netflix has stooped to. I have been a customer for years and a 60% increase with no improvement is an outrage.

They could have grandfathered in there current customers and made the new rates for new customers. I will be shopping around for another company to deal with out of principle alone!


We just purchased Netflix after a deal revealed itself at the end of an eBay purchase. I decided to get both the streaming (which seems weak) and the mail DVD.

I purchased a Roku device to stream with...another $75!!. I really think they should grandfather those members in that are current and apply the new charges to new members.




Their stock will no longer be the darling of Wall Street after this.


I called netflix customer service and filed a complaint about the price increase by almost 60% that is Highway Robbery. I urge everyone to call them and tell then that if they raise the price then you will cancel the service.

I told them that and I will cancel it on the day of the increase.

People are barely getting by with the economy and they want us to pay more. They are out of their minds.


Man, I just recieved that e-mail. Freaking Netflix is trying to kill us with these outrageous prices. I'm going to be looking for someplace else to get some streaming or DVD rentals.


If NetFlix streaming was close to decent it would be a no brainer to drop the DVD portion. However,more than half of the movies we want are only available on DVD.

$16 a month is way too much for what I am paying $10 a month for now.

A 60% increase in these economic times is outrageous. I'll be dropping BOTH of NetFlix services.

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