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There are 4 shows that my whole entire grade and I ever watch, and they are the only shows I watch at all and you can only find them on netflix. Also they are the reason I got netflix in the first place.

The 4 shows are desperate housewives, Hannah Montana, wizards of waverly place, and gossip girl. My FAVORITE out of all of them are desperate housewives and gossip girl. Netflix has taken desperate housewives off and I am completely out raged! That was the best show I watched that every day and so did my entire grade, of 280 people and now we can not watch it!

So many people watch that show, I no people from age 8-68 who watch that show, and now the fact that they took it off netflix's gets me extremely mad, upset and outraged! Also with Hannah Montana, and wizards of waverly place those are the two best kids shows and I don't know a single kid who did not love watching those shows, also even kids in middle and highs school would watch those shows! And once again they took it off netflix!!! My little sister, and cousin where sobbing for days because that was their all time favorite show!!

And lastly I heard gossip girl was going to come off netflix soon and that is the absolute top best show and I watch that when ever possible, so if that comes off netflix I will be even more outraged and pissed off than I am right now!!!

I just want to say everyone I know said they are going to stop watching netflix and unsubscribe to it, and start watching hulu plus, and so am I if netflix does not but desperate housewives, Hannah Montana, and wizards of waverly place back on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I now detest, and repudiate netflix and think it's the biggest waste of a business there is!

This reviewer shared experience about "a bad un thoughtful business " and wants this business to "put the show, desperate housewives, hannah montana, wizards of waverly place back on netflix and do not take gossip girl off!". This person is overall dissatisfied with Netflix. The most disappointing about tv shows at Netflix was took off the most popular shows Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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I agree completely put all these shows on and all our childhood Disney movies and shows back on because Netflix is becoming stupid and no one will watch anything on there anymore cus you guys took out all the ebst movies and shows !! Including spy kids, the pacifier , wizard of waverly place, ant farm , good luck Charlie , Hannah Montana , etc.

What are we suppose to do in our spare time ?? If u guys took out all the best shows !!!!???


BTW: Desperate Housewives is on Hulu and Hannah Montana is on watchdisneychannel.go.com

to Anonymous #1467738

Well even so that will just make everyone pay more money, Netflix is we’re everyone watches there favorite shows and movies , is t that hard to put it on Netflix


Netflix signs a distribution license with different studies, when that contract ends, they have choice but to discontinue the shows. Often, the studio will have signed a deal with another provider and Netflix has to discontinue showing that show/movie or face licensing fines. A simple internet search would have given everyone whining here that information.

Brooklyn, New York, United States #1196865

Since the first time I watched wizards of waverly place I been enjoying and the one reason why I got netflix was to see it but they took off so I can't see it anymore I wish they put wizards of waverly place back in netflix .

Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #1183107

The reason i got netflix was to watch wizards of waverly place and hannah montana they better put it on again or im done paying for terrible service...!!


i agree i got netflix for wizards of waverly place and a bunch of other shows that they need to put back on.


This is so true. I'm 19 and Hannah Montana is my happy place.

It came out when I was just 10 years old. Does Netflix not value people's childhood?




I am so mad they just *** the good shows what about the *** stuff that no one watches


Im so mad that netfliks took away my favrite show wiziderds of wifaly place.IM SOOOO MAD.


This is out rages for going to pay this much money on movies we should get movies that we want not just waste money on watching something that we don't want to watch


Netflix sucks they remove shows and they never get new ones.


I already quite because I only watched DHW and gossip girl

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