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With increasing frequency, Netflix DVDs must be washed prior to use in order to remove the greasy smudges left by careless consumers. Couldn't Netflix do this?

Now, we're seeing DVDs that are too scratched to play. Or they play part (or nearly all) the way through before beginning to show large, solid pixels, then freezing and refusing to go on.

We have sent the same scratched disk back twice, having yet to see the end of the movie.

Finally, Netflix seems to have no way to register a complaint such as this except by telephone. Who wants to wade through multiple layers of phone menus and wait for 5-10 minutes to do what could be done in 30 seconds online?

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i am about to cancel my membership with netflix. i keep getting dvds that are so scratched they won't play in any of my dvd players.

i sent one back last week and i know they sent the same one back.

they are about to lose another customer. they are starting to suck.


I have had 4 cracked dvd's to date.So sick of this crappy company.


The "report a problem" link doesn't seem to work anymore. It gives a "Netflix Site Error" page that links back to your log-in, where you start all over again.

"My Account & Help" show only recently watched movies and suggestions. No help.

And as the OP wrote, the disks they send out are increasingly scratched and unplayable.

If you call to complain, they politely discount your monthly fee. But rather than save 50 cents, I'd like to watch some movies!


Yes, I can report the damaged disk via the web. But I have only fora (forums?) such as this one to let them know how really unhappy this makes me.


no on the disc cover it has the web address on the back. you could go on and click on "report a problem" next to the disc title. one of the choices, once you report, is that it's scratched or not working and at your request they'll send a new one as long as you send the broken or scratched one back.

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