I just switched from my Netflix monthly dvd service to instant watch through my Wii.I am mortified/disgusted/pissed over the really lousy selection of movies they offer.

What a joke! "Bride of Frankenstein" from 1935 is listed under New Arrivals. Are you kidding me? Absolutely terrible selection.

I have spent last 30 minutes looking and can't find one decent (much less recent) movie.

I would call customer service, but they have 15 minute wait time and they don't accept email.They would be wise to let you preview selection before switching your service and expanding their customer service to include email comments.

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Netflix instant watch: Worst selection of movies I have ever seen.Period.

Ninety-nine percent of the films are total obscure garbage.

What is their target demographic -Japanese teens and Centagenarians? Must be.

-and very few even exceed Troma level of quality.EMBARRASSING for a the huge company that they are.


Selection on wii is awful.I have searched by title for a vast number of popular films, both recent and older, even decades old, and they're grayed out/unavailable.

You can't even watch Star Wars episode IV.

Good grief.Even my kids are wondering, "Is that it?" Yup.


I will agree that the movies listed on the Wii are not always the most recent movies...but as for not being able to access all movies I will disagree.Do you know how to use the "Search" feature?

You can search for any movie you are looking for and if it is available for streaming on Netflix then you can select it and enjoy.

I do wish there was a better Browsing feature on the Wii, though.But don't say the movies aren't there just because you haven't figured out how to find them.


I completely agree.The selection is terrible.

Can't watch any great movies instantly that aren't ANCIENT!What a shame.

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