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Netflix is a good product, but their watch instantly needs work. The kind of movies that you can get on watch instantly are the movies you wouldn't really rent anyways.

Even older movies, if they are any good you can't get them on watch instantly. It is pretty bogus, and what sucks is that the watch instantly is included in the price you pay.

Netflix definitely needs to broaden their selection of watch instantly movies. I am going to check blockbuster online and see what they have going on. If it is better than Netflix I will change and I encourage others to do their research as well.

Monetary Loss: $7.

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steven sense

Blockbuster online? $99 for 25 prepaid rentals and they give you the device you need to get this service for free.

Otherwise buy the box and pay 1.99 per movie you rent.

Have you checked the selection at Amazon Instant and Hulu Premium? I think research should be done before you complain.

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