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Was unknowingly billed for seven years by Netflix.Called the "consumer support " line and spoke to Sandra (the head and only supervisor) for the millions of Netflix customers.

She was horrible and absurdly rude; which later reflects the principles and mortality of this "subscription based service." After almost an hour, they would not budge from their policy of "no reimbursement " even after I was barging for only a six month free trial to actually utilize the services in which I was wrongfully charged $5.39 for over 84 consecutive months. What a wrong, horrible, and down right awful company policy and experience. Please, I beg anyone who is exploring the option of starting an account with this company; don't! Do yourself a favor and try hulu plus.

Don't be a victim of this non friendly company.You will thank yourself later!

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you sir are a dumb ***.in fact you are so dumb i had to comment twice on this post.

it is you fault you were billed that long without knowing it. it is your job as a consumer to check your monthly credit card statement to make sure your charges are valid. they also would not have your info to bill you unless you gave it to them. see where i am going with this?

dont bad mouth a company because your too *** to control your own finances. grow and take responsibility for your own mistakes. why should a company give you 6 months free because you screwed up and how is netflix supposed to know if you used the service or not?

its people like you that a ruining this world.grow up and monitor your own finances!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada #829874

well you are an *** for loetting them bill you that is your resposibilty to check your credit card statement monthly and validate all your charges.

if you are too lazy or *** to do that than you deserve to pay the bill. why should netflix have to lose money because of your mistake. Plus how are they supposed to know that you were not using the service. At some point you had to give them your credit card or they never would of had the number to bill you.

you sir are a dumb ***!!!

It people like you that give humans a bad name.

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