Netflix's New Web Interface Gets Thumbs Down From Users, I cant stand only seeing one line that is 3 times as small. i have to land on a cover, wait 1-2 seconds for the picture to pop up to the right.

foceing me to look away. i have to see whatever it is, only to say no, and move on only to have it do it again. i was so mad i stopped wathcing netflix. i go to my dvr hoppper form dishnetwork that is just like the old netflix.

bockbuster was the same way. what is going on at netfix???? are they trying to make it like windows 8??? if so their going down hill fast.

give us several choices of menus that each user can pic on their own tv. now thats a solution that fits everyone. if im old and cant see,,, ill choose to have it automatic and shove a big pictue of the movie at me. i may need that when im 90.

but im younger and want to just scroll though titles fast. if i want more info ill click on the damb movie myself. im hoping they change it, or im forgeting they exist. pissed uckking customer.

i mean come on. really.....

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Netflix is going out of its way to *** off its customers and lose business.


Well said..funny too. Why do companies always make changes that are actually :( worse, not better?

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