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Netflix new review system is just plain bad.I can’t understand why they would put money and effort into switching to an inferior system.

People complain about the thumbs system on the Steam platform all the time. It’s only a semi nuisance for me when it comes to stuff that was already released because I can still get to the review section and scroll through the different star ratings to read what people have to say. However on new releases they were all 0 stars on the reviews. I had to read what EVERYONE said and it took significantly longer to do.

It is now impossible to judge a show by its cover, giving the popular rating they used to have; and now much more time consuming and difficult to read reviews as there is no rating to choose a fair handful to read.Netflix used to be my favorite media streaming service and I’m very sad to see it go but I don’t feel I will have a reason to stick around now.

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