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I tried Netflix last year and I thought it seemed good so I recommended it to my fiance. I had been asking him for months to try it to see if he might like to get a subscription because he loves watching movies.

He finally agreed to try the one month free subscription but when he tried to sign up he was informed on the last screen that he already had a free subscription so he existed the screen and didn't bother to proceed. A few days later he received an email that said,"Dear Stephen, Thanks for starting to sign up for Netflix! Finish signing up for your FREE trial today and watch TV shows & movies anytime, anywhere."He decided to give it another try and once he clicked the button the confirmation page appeared to be for a paid subscription so he contacted customer service right away. "Heather" was NO help at all.

She kept stating that Netflix would love to have him as a customer even though he told her that he just wants to cancel because it's not the free offer that was advertised to him. She walked him through the process to cancel and he noticed that he is being billed for one month which she said she can't remove. He would have to try again tomorrow with customer service but after that frustrating experience he said he won't be back. It would probably be the same thing with customer service trying for 20 minutes to have him as a customer then say, sorry I can't remove the charge.A copy of the chat transcript was emailed to him and I read it and noticed that she said the reason it's not free is because the credit card number had already been used for a free trial.

He is an authorized user on my card and I asked him to use that card. He has a card with his name on it for that account. SHE MENTIONED MY NAME and said that "we share a Netflix account". He has a different home address than I do and a different email address so the accounts should not have been linked.

I am furious that she mentioned my name and linked the accounts. What if he was a scammer using a stolen credit card? Netflix should not be able to link accounts like this. I feel like this is a security and privacy breach.

For now there's a pending charge of $7.99 on my credit card for a Netflix account that he won't even look at because this has been a stressful experience. Hopefully my credit card company will remove the charge. I hoped that Netflix would be a positive experience for him since he loves to watch movies.

They could have made a lot of money from him and from his recommendations to friends but they lost us both as customers and I think everyone should be avoid Netflix.

Product or Service Mentioned: Netflix Free Trial.

Monetary Loss: $8.

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The same thing happened to me but i lost 17 dollars.


The awful thing is that if your iPad has a VISA card set up, say to pay for extra cloud storage, they can link that to Netflix and allow them to bill you via that route. We had the 30 day trial and a few hours after it expired an invoice arrived.

So, Netflix can access your card details via iTunes even though you didn't intend to pay Netflix using that card! This is really scammy and I will not use Netflix again. First impressions count. I ended up arguing with Apple (iTunes) about Netflix!

Netflix should not charge when a test account expires, they should just stop the access. Simple!


Yeah me too. Just got tricked by this scam same exact thing.

We see that you set up an account but didn't finish the sign up start your 30 day trial now. I clicked it and finished signing up and was charged immediately. This is crap. They are scamming people and this needs to go viral.

This company can't get away with charging people when they think we are getting a trial. I will be calling the FTC Monday and BBB. I will also call my bank to have them charge back the fee.

This needs to be spread all over the internet because this company can't get away with these misleading business practices. They are essentially stealing.


Signed up on 9/24/2017 free month til 10/24/2017 nope charged the card for $10 already then he says next payment due is 11/24/2017... and has the nerve to say we received our free 30 days... CANCELED.

@Gary T

Get your money back if they didn't give you a free trial. Either through your credit card company or the BBB if you have to.


Just signed on with Netflix last night. They charged my card and yet I still couldnt even watch it.

It asked me to update my payment because they were unable to process it.

It suppose to be a free trial, they shouldn't even be trying to take money out. Not only did they take money, I still can't even use the account?


23 March 2016 i just try the 30 day trial plan.. and have watched a total of 5 days of Netflix.

Have app on phone almost 2 weeks. And my debit card has been charged. I thought was a free trial.

Nothing free. They scam me .


A pending charge isn't a charge. It's an authorization hold.

You sound like you only had a credit card for a day.

If that charge goes from pending to posted then that means you were charged. If it stays in pending status it will most likely fall off in a few days.


Netflix really did charge my credit card. I disputed it and my credit card company removed the charge and called to let me know.

That was three years ago next month.

Imagine all the money they could have made off of my now husband if they weren't deceptive. We will never do business with Netfix.


I just got off the phone with Netflix, who charged me for the Free Trial on my credit card even though I canceled after 2 weeks. Stay away from Netflix.

They rip you off on the Free Trial. Do not let them have your credit card number. They will not refund the money to my credit card that they charged me for even though I canceled after only two weeks into the 30 day Free Trial.

It is not a Free Trial when They charge you for it. It is a ***.


Dear ntrlsoapmkr,

Some feedback regarding your post above.

The first thing that caught my eye was that you state, "It would probably be the same thing with customer service trying for 20 minutes to have him as a customer then say, sorry I can't remove the charge". And you continue to mention you have the transcript, yet you fail to quote or post the actual transcript above. Would be great, and only fair, to see both sides.

The chat Agent stating that the charge could not be removed (at that moment) was correct, as you later confirmed the charge is 'pending'. If it were before the actual charge, the account could have been canceled to try and catch that real quick before the system attempts to charge the card. Or if it were after the charge, the account could surely be credited. During the 'pending charge' process, the charge is in process between the two servers (NF and the bank). It is wrong to presume what the next Agent may do.

"What if he was a scammer using a stolen credit card? Netflix should not be able to link accounts like this;. I feel like this is a security and privacy breach" - NF did not link the account, you linked the accounts by stating yourself that he is an authorized user on your card and opening two separate accounts on one method of payment. If it were a scammer using a stolen card, how would that automatically allow the alleged scammer to know your log-in and password? The only way to even chat in and have that conversation is by knowing the proper log-in and password.

Surely, without seeing the Netflix chat transcript, and therefore solely going by your word, yes, it appears the chat could have been more reassuring and informative that when they indeed discover it is not of the same household, they could turn that into a free account, that it was a simple error and just shared method of payment on file. Or they could have informed you better of the 'pending process' and that they could leave a note on the account to credit that charge back to you and advising you to chat back in the following day after the charge has processed so they could credit that back to your card.

Wow, really? Won't even look at NF now because of a simple chat conversation that could have possibly just been handled a bit differently? Sounds like a funny episode right out of Workaholics! There always has to be someone that feigns 'lost money on friends and family referrals', meanwhile they're losing out on a pretty incredible deal for a very modest fee, no commercials, original studio production content and meanwhile, the business in question is growing by leaps and bounds.

Was doing a bit of research online tonight for something else and the recent date on this thread (via google) caught my eye. I noticed no one had replied yet, so wanted to chime in. This reply clearly does not align with your perspective on what transpired. I wouldn't let an $8 misunderstanding ruin my day. Alas, the world would truly be a boring planet if we all were alike. Thank G-d for diversity!

Signing off to enjoy my unlimited, commercial free streaming of new releases!