Do to Google and there B's, I couldn't get into my email to receive a code, and couldn't receive a code from Google because I had a different phone and number they want to send a code to a phone that was dead could no longer work. I'm screwed , I have a bad attitude towards Google and technology.

If it anite broke don't fix it. Again y'all wanted to send a code to my email that I can't get 8nto send it to the phone I'm on not the email or a phone that don't work. Also your prices r getting to high and your movies are not the best. I don't need forigian movies where you have to read what's going on.

I'm a veteran of 3 different campaigns I'll die for my country. Just remember not all of us can afford high prices and 3/4 this of the ppl in this country are below poverty level.

Our leaders don't care about us or this country. Keep prices at a level that everyone can afford


User's recommendation: Don't change your password to make any company happy.

Netflix Pros: What netflix used to be.

Location: Grove City, Ohio

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