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I wrote an honest review concerning a show around three weeks ago. It was well within review guidelines.

It got deleted. I then chatted with Netflix concerning this, telling them I would cancel membership if my review was not reinstated. The review was reinstated immediately. Fast forward a couple weeks.

They have once again deleted it. Glad I checked it again, which evidently they did not expect. I have cancelled my membership. I am not taking this politically correct, hypocritical BS anymore.

I am certainly not going to assist in financing a company that doesn't recognize free speech and opinion.

I also have Prime membership, and say what you will about them~~as long as a review is within guidelines, they leave it be. Goodbye and good riddance to Netflix and their unconstitutional, hypocritical, cesspool of a company.

Review about: Netflix Entertainment Review Listing.

Reason of review: Not as described.

I liked: Affordability.

I didn't like: Hypocritical and do not recognize difference of opinions.

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So because they don't want to post your review somehow they are unconstitutional? How?

They are not a member of the press. By default they can no more squash your rights then you can theirs. They are a PRIVATE business and as such have every right to not post YOUR OPINION if they so chose. It's THEIR RIGHT to not post your drivel on their property.

Congrats on not paying the pittance a month to view movies. Maybe we can have video stores again. Maybe we can have late movies and late fines and the movie never being in when you want it again. You wanted streaming and got it and killed a whole industry, you can't now whine about it when it isn't perfect.

You got your cake now eat it. Unfortunately it's sheep vomit pie but hey, at least you got your way.


So, exactly what is "unconstitutional" about Netflix? Also, what is "prime" membership at Netflix.

I have both the DVD and streaming but no prime. I do have prime with Amazon, tho. Are you sure you are talking about Netflix and not Amazon? As for them(whomever that may be)not liking and deleting your review, just remember the abnormal, left-wing attitudes of most media companies.

They push their agenda via the media and do not like to be criticized for it. Bottom line is that it is their company and can do as they wish with reviews, etc. Your option is to not subscribe.

Given the load of really bad "original" shows both Netflix and Amazon produce, the best bet is to unsubscribe and read a good book. We live in interesting times, my friend.

to h.kitchener #1375324

To both replies: I stand corrected, as 'unconstitutional' was not the correct word to use. I was pissed (no pun intended) when I wrote it.

I should have used something like 'selective censorship', as the review was within their guidelines. The review included factual information about a couple of different parts of the show, along with my opinion. The only way to fight back was to withhold support by cancelling membership. Yes, definitely not much choice from either NF or Amazon Prime.

But my point with Prime was, I have read quite a few reviews~~and comments of reviews~~that get pretty heated. Amazon doesn't selectively delete them as long as they're within the guidelines.

Yep, I'm a conservative, and personally appreciate reviews that give info on content that may include things I don't want to watch. Interesting times, indeed:/

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