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I cancelled Netflix in August 2011 and just discovered that they are still charging me approximately ten dollars a month. It is now the end of February 2012.

I don't live in the US anymore and because of the time difference I anticipate it is going to be a headache phoning and speaking to someone about this. God knows they won't reimburse me the charges from August to February. This ----s me.

The charges are to a credit card I don't often use and I only discovered these Netflix charges were continuing when I looked at the account in order to gather tax filing information. Granted, one should keep a closer eye on their credit card account, but nevertheless, these charges should not have accrued.

Product or Service Mentioned: Netflix Account.

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They charged me for the last year after I cancelled acount. Credit card company got me the last 4 months back.

Called netflex and they very rude and said it was my fault for not checking my monthly credit card statement.

I checked my statement because i heard on the national news netflex was charging people after they cancelled. I think a class action lawsuit so be filed.


I've cancelled my netflix account but they are still charging me. They won't reimburse me either because they cannot find the account due to cancellation. *** this!


They charged my mother who is elderly for 6 years also, when I called to cancel or find out why , they claimed to not be able to find the account # , next month there was another Netflix monthly charge , never again with a JC RipOff card !


i whant to cancalled netfixd


Man, they charged me for 3 years after cancelation, twice a month, I called canceled again, they reimbursed last 3 months, I thought that was it but was not, I just discovered they still charge me !!!! this is steal!!!


I found out I was charged 7.99 a month on a credit card i hardly use which i thought the account was cancelled. I also have another account that I'm paying 8.99 a month.

For 3 years i was charged for an account i didnt even know existed and then they tell me sorry they can only reimburse me for 3 month. Netflix thieves steal money.

never again!!! Good bye Netflix.


They charged my mother who is elderly for 4.5 years also, when I called to cancel or find out why , they claimed to not be able to find the account # , next month there was another Netflix monthly charge , never again with a JC RipOff card !


I encountered the same problem. I cancelled my NetFlix acct.

& verified it was cancelled. Each time I logged in, it asked if I wanted to "reactivite" my acct. under my acct it shows I wasn't subscribed to any services. It even showed under my billing history that I was charged up until the month I cancelled but didn't show charges after that, despite my continuing to be charged monthly.

I just called NetFlix at 1 (866) 579-7172 (please, note this was after 2 am in my time zone) I told Ericka from Customer Service what is happening. She confirmed what I said above by checking my email address of my acct. she then checked by my first and last name and found I had another active acct associated with a different email address. I would suggest u call them, they are open 24/7 and give them all of your email addresses and name so they can cancel all accts associated with u.

I also had her "blacklist" my credit card so the acct couldn't be reactivited in the future by anyone. If I choose to sign up again I can use a diff card. I am also going to sign into my other acct now that I know about it & change my password. NetFlix customer service was so friendly and helpful, I would've signed back up if I had time to watch it more often!

Problem fixed! Happy Customer (technically "ex-customer")


anytime I try to sign into my account it ask me to restart my membership but I have been charged every month what a way to *** off people


Chances are, you've got a second account open. It happens all the time. I'd call with your card information (if you still have it) and they can close it down.


Actually, Urmom, that's false. My Netflix account says "Account Inactive" however, I am still being charged monthly for it.

Netflix is only owed a summons, and nothing more.

I have all the copies of my bank statements, and proof that my account has been inactive for 6 months. Nice try though, shrill.


You did not cancel the subscription. You are responsible for paying the amount due on your card.

You can also dispute the charges with your own credit card company if you feel you are 100% right. You rightfully owed Netflix; please pay your bill.


Sir he said he cancelled the account and checked by phone as well so if he did owe them money it would only be the final monthly payment that's it.


urmom has no life and has nasty comments instead. Pay your own bill urmom.