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I cancelled my membership with netflix in April,2009.They are still charging me $17.11 monthly.That isn't much but just think about if they did this to everyone.I sent the customer service dept.an e-mail concerning this issue,but you know how that goes.This company sucks and is a ripoff.I guess my only option would be to cancel my credit card and ask my bank to issue me another one.It is a shame to put myself through such an inconvenience just to try to free myself of this *** company.what a disgrace they are to the industry.

Product or Service Mentioned: Netflix Membership.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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I am having this same problem. I've sent an note to my bank to dispute charge. There has to be something that can be done to stop these charges.


I successfully cancelled the first 2 times i ordered Netflix, i cancell online and if you dont get an email confirming it they will keep charging you, thats what happened the last 2 months to me, i cancelled 2 times and was never sent an email to confirm it, when i went through their online customer service chat, they cancelled it and i was sent an email confirming it.

They would not *** the charge i shouldnt have been charged for and i told them i was done with them and this was a scam, they can choose when and if they send that email confirming cancellation and just keep charging, and either it is a glitch in their system or their doing it on purpose, no matter what there is a problem, i didnt realize how much of a problem this really was until i looked online.

I will never use Netflix again , they dont even put out enough new shows and movies a month to keep it for 2 months, a lot of independent movies no one wants to watch anyway.

If you use their service make sure you get an email, or confirmation number prooving it.


I cancelled my account a week ago so that my husband & I wouldn't get charged again. We are on hard times & want to save money where we can.

Then today, I got an e-mail from pay pal saying that my payment went through for Netflix!

What the heck!? If cancelling the account doesn't make them stop billing you then what will?


Actually I just tries that because get this my card expired last month and somehow Netflix still magically put a charge through my account this month. I called my bank and asked was this like a courtesy the bank extended incase I had forgotten to update my account information.

And they said no and suddenly got very interested calling this an unauthorized charge and said if I wish to dispute this I have to cancel my card have a new one issued and then fill out the paperwork for the dispute. They also said Netflix had to of "fudged" the new expiration date for this to have gone through. So you better believe I am filing a dispute the moment I receive the paperwork. This is total BS.

They jacked up prices by 60% 2 months ago and I knew my card would expire and had also heard from everyone I know that Netflix never stops charging you if you cancel the membership. So I decided I would not update the card and that would be that.

But no Netflix fraudulently changed my information and charged me anyhow... Can anyone say class action law suit?


Can you simply not tell your credit card company that this company is not authorized to charge your account, and that they are doing so unlawfully? If they won't stop charging you, you can still stop them from the other end.

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