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I have the 3 at a time plan ( not really!) unless I want old movies I have already seen 3 times I have to wait FOREVER! Seriously, 4 weeks or more! I have 15 on my list right now, NONE are available and nothing was sent to me even tho I returned all 3 I had.

I am SO BUMMED the Hollywood Video Store by my house went under (probably due to netflix!) They ALWAYS had my movies NEW movies.

So unless you want to grow mold in your *** or can watch everything instantly (we cant here in the rural country - not high enough connection possible) I would PASS!@!

Weeks on end I wait for my #1 pick thrugh 12! Helooo where are the MOVIES in my MOVIE subscription?

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There is like a 30 day delay for new releases through Netflix - it's insane. For example, Harry Potter and Country Strong are both on DVDway.


I noticed that the TV show Big Love had a scheduled release date of 2/2011 but now is "unknown" release date.Netflix is getting shoddier and shoddier.

I went from 3 at a time (since the first year they started) but in 2011 I had to start changing because they are no longer as good as they once were. am about to go streaming only for a while. I find that they aren't getting as many dvds and the ones they have are often in bad shape. Slow to get to me to and I am in a major city.

Looking for something new and better.Netflix is almost over for me.


:( I agree with you. The new releases are rarely available (short wait, long wait, etc) and you wind up with some older movie from your *** that you really could watch on cable. I WISH THEY WOULD STOCK MORE NEW RELEASES!


I call BS on this one. They've always been very prompt for me. I've had Netflix for many years now.


:roll seriously, like I have had it in my Q for 4months even wehn release date is unknown, yetc still can't get it sent to me before I see the DVD on discounted sale at the grocery sotre check out line!!!!

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