I have not received any more scam messages from Netflix. Thank God for little things!

The only problem I have now, is getting my cable turned on again.

I have IZZI Cable here in Tijuana, Mexico but my Netflix account is in the USA. Due to being sick a few days, I was not able to pay my cable bill on time, Dec 23. And,...here in Mexico, only the electric company and the cable company completely cut off your services at 12:01am the day after your bill is due.

So, I'm sitting here twiddling my fingers, waiting until Monday, 2 days from now, until I can pay my bill. And my Netflix USA is not accessable because the cable company will not allow ANY services to be broadcast after they shut off service.

I know this is not your problem, I'm just venting because Mexico will not help with this issue.

I've lived in Mexico for 18 long years but they still remain 25 years behind in services and technology. They buy used cable equipment from American cable companies that want to give their American customers the quality and service expected of American companies. The result is that people living in Mexico are stuck with inferior cable equipment and undertrained service technicians.

Next to rent, your cable bill will be the most expensive monthly bill.

The problem here is that there's only one cable company to choose from, so there's no competition or incentive to give better service or equipment to their customers.

I gotta say it... Mexico is f#cked

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Chula Vista, California

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