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Everyone knows. by all of the negative business news about the company that went on last year, that they really want to do away w. the DVD part of the company and just have streaming media. I can see now that they have just decided to drive everyone away from renting DVD's by offering horrible service..............

I put the movie The Help on my list of movies I wanted to watch back in December 2011, and they didn't send it to me till May 2012. People on the Netflix website were giving the movie 1 star in their ratings, not because the movie was bad, but because there seems to be only 5 copies in the whole company, and it takes them 6 months to send it to you....................

Now, once again, I want to see the excellent Sherlock series from the BBC......................VERY LONG WAIT.


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I wish I had invested in NF years ago, their stock price now is amazing! $$ :-)

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it true netflix will lie cheat and steal to get you to drop their DVD service they delay shipping or send you bad disks empty envolopes just all kinds of stuff ,it's part of there SLOW DOWN the SUBSCRIBER practice the more you you use their service the more they hate you


I have 17 titles in my *** listed "unavailable'. and 4 titles in a *** of another 17 listed "very long wait".

I cannot stream , as perhaps millions cannot, due to rural location and patchy reception- I would have to stream off my I phone and that would end up costing a lot.

so netflix sucks, and I wish they would go under and someone else take over if this enterprise is viable.


But what if you dont want to buy cable service and only want hbo, then services like netflix make a little sense8


Had very long wait times for my top 10 choices for a long time. Upgraded to the Blue-ray disk plan, now overnight I have only two that are listed as long wait.

Only two had blue-ray disks available.

I guess more money makes a difference. Shame on Netflix.


I have 38 movies in my que that span the gender range and only 2 are available, all the rest are short wait or very long wait. Netflix knows exactly what they are doing.

Screwing over their loyal customers because we have very few alternatives. I hope their CEO sleeps good at night!


Im over Netfliix! Whats a better option? Hula?


I have been a member of Netflix for many years. I rent Blurays almost exclusively.

I don't want to stream movies to my player. I like having a disc. Lately I can't get new releases at all because they are immediately "very long wait." So I have to rent them from Redbox.

The streaming service has definitely improved since the early days when almost nothing decent was available.

However, there is a lot of material that isn't being streamed (not to mention video quality issues) so there is still a need for disc delivery service. Netflix is progressively alienating its loyal customers.


Blockbuster and Hulu are my remaining choices.


Closing my netflix account for their 'very long wait issue'. They really suck


I saved a movie before it was even available, then it was number 1 on my list. I am finally receiving after 4 months!

When I first put this movie on my list there was no wait, then it changed to short wait and the very long wait. I have like 10 movies I have been waiting months to receive. The movies take so long to receive in mail and there is always problems. The descriptions listed about the movies online are much different than the actual movies also.

I received a broken disc,so I reported it online and asked for another.nobody did anything about it.

I called they said we will ship a replacement and another for your trouble. They shipped a replacement days later and the other one after the replacement was received. So I did not achieve anything. I called again, they said the movie had to be shipped from somewhere else.

When I shipped it back according to them it took a week to receive it back. I will be canceling the DVD shipments next week.


"VERY LONG WAIT" is now the norm for all new releases and many older titles, too. Naturally, most of these titles are NOT available for streaming. Not from Netflix, anyway.

Clearly, Netflix wants out of the dvd business but is no longer risking bold changes that might (further) alienate its customers. Instead, it seems that they want to drive their current dvd customers away. I've already reduced my plan from 7 disks to 5 and now 3.

Netflix was a great service while it lasted. It no longer is.


I've been a Netflix member for 7 years. The service used to be superb

I changed to DVD only because I prefer to watch movies with closed captioning for the hearing impaired. Most of the streamed movies do not have this. And the selection is rubbish.

At this point 100% of the first 20 selections in my *** are 'very long wait' and every new release at the bottom of my list is the same.

Won't someone please set up a competing service so I can dump Netflix.


Game of Thorne and True Blood are HBO series and HBO controls who can stream and how many copies they can rent and when they can rent them. If you want to see these series you need to subscribe to HBO.

They have all the past episodes on their on demand. Why would HBO allow netflix or any streaming service provide you with the latest episodes when they want you to subscribe to HBO. So if you like shows like that that are on HBO you would be better off subscribing to HBO instead of Netflix.

Also HBO does show the latest movies available along with a fantastic selection of original shows. Out of all the premium channels HBO is the best and with your subscription you also get HBO on demand and additional movies and shows with HBO Go anywhere you have a computer connection.


Yes, the long waits have become ridiculous. I could not recommend this service to anyone interested in new releases of films or TV shows.

What is the point of subscribing to a service that doesn't have the DVDs when everyone else has them? They deserve their plummeting ratings.


Agreed! All the popular series in my *** (Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Doc Martin, True Blood, etc.) are on Very Long Wait status, and some have been so for months.

I don't know if Netflix is trying to push customers to the streaming option or if it is simply ordering fewer DVD copies because the customers are moving to streaming themselves. But I am considering dumping Netflix, though I stayed through the fee hike.

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