Dvd was returned Netflix didn't receive I guess so the charged me for service not received for 2 years because dvd not received. Redbox would have charged $25.

for dvd not received and allowed future service, BlockBuster would have charged certain amount for loss dvd and continued service NEITHER would have continued charging for service for TWO YEARS without the service being used!

I called twice to have service for dvds to be discontinued, no mention missing dvd they didn't stop charging only stopped service.The missing DVD ended up costing me $192.00. Can anyone tell me this is the way to do business?

Monetary Loss: $192.

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Two years of charges go unnoticed? Where's the accountability on the Consumer's part to check monthly statements and nip this in the bud sooner? You may very well not get 2 years worth of funds back, even with chargeback, because it is not NF fault you neglected to balance your financial account.


If you truly did cancel the service and if they truly made the mistake of continuing to charge, you can dispute every charge to get your money back. The process is called chargeback and you need to contact your bank or financial institution that is whatever method of payment charge card you have on file.

There will be a time stamp of when you contacted NF. Literally, anytime a customer contacts NF, the computers record that date & time. Many times customers insist they called and there is no record of contact. That cannot be faked.

The computer tracks/picks up the incoming call or it doesn't. So don't lie and say you called if you didn't.

Beware, if you did NOT say on the call that you want the account canceled, you will lose, as every call could be recorded. Good luck.

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