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Is Netflix losing its steam?There are hardly any selections for instant play anymore.

When I became a member, there were plenty of shows to choose from. I am forced to use other resources to watch movies which makes Netflix a useless place that I pay for monthly. I will not refer any friends because there are no useful benefits.

Please, would someone at Neflix realize that you are about to lose quite a few customers if you do not get on the ball.I'm giving Netflix another month to get their act together or I am leaving and taking all of my friends with me.


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DIDO the first Reviewer.

Netflix Does lots of SEASON 1 and 2 then little or NEVER seasons 3, 4, 5, 6....

Like an endless teasing. If you subscribe for the "series" or mini series.


Levan Wiley

However you get what you pay for $7.99


I watched these old shows on Netflix.The next time I logged in, the show wasn't there anymore.

One of the old shows that I watch that isn't on Netflix anymore is Make it or Break It.

Please put the show back on netflix!:sigh


my netflix was working fine at the beginning and now when i sign on it go by adult section it just shows the box where its suppose to show display pictures but its like the adult section just isnt working

Brookfield, Connecticut, United States #584972

Can't believe Netflix exercise videos are gone!And don't try the videos - I tried one of the step aerobic videos and it suddenly cut off right in the middle of major cardio!!

Not good for the heart!!So pissed that I got sucked into trying it.


It's a bummer that Netflix removed their workouts but have you checked out

Ever since Netflix removed their workout videos, I've been using and frankly it's better. There are tons of workouts of all types(cardio, dance, abs, etc..) and its free.


the new mobile UI sucks. Its so slow and the UI itself is so ugly.


Sooo disappointed no workout videos.That was 50% of what I loved about it!

Plus once upon a time I could rent actual dvd's.

depressing and a waste of money.I have Hulu for my television needs.


Very disappointed there are no more fitness and yoga videos on Netflix.

I just returned from a deployment to find no more exercise videos

It was a fun easy way to get your work out fix when you did not have time for the gym.


For starters, Dude25, it appears that people are getting off their lazy behinds to work out.Most of these complaints are because the workout visa are gone.

Its jerks like you as to why heavier people feel uncomfortable going to the gym. They get judged. Don't act like you haven't done it because you basically ridiculed people for wanting to work out in the comfort of their own homes. Not to mention, gym memberships aren't cheap.

Many people cannot afford them. Now, what I have read was that they are working on renegotiating on contract terms for the workout videos. Yes, customers should have been notified, however, they didn't. From what I am to understand, they will be bringing them back as soon as terms of the contract have been met.

My criticism goes out to you infuriated costumers who decide to jump online and complain.

If you have an issue with something isn't it customary to call the company and find out what is going on?That being said hopefully some of you will feel a little better knowing they will be bringing back the workout vids.

to Lia Katy, Texas, United States #624230

It has been 8 months and still no fitness videos back. People have not been complaining enough.

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