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They still haven't resolved the issue of not enough server space/bandwidth. Any time we're streaming anything on a holiday or weekend, it will suddenly freeze, then tell us it can't connect to the Internet.

We can connect to the Internet on all of our devices; we can connect to the Internet on HuluPlus and AmazonPrime through the Wii on the television, so it's not our connection and it's not our device.

There's no way to notify them without making a phone call, which seems like a deliberate attempt to discourage customer feedback. If they really want people to move from DVDs to streaming, they need to provide more reliable service.

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If you haven't already, try deactivating your device from your NF account and then re-activate it. This helps too, if your device has been running on the same NF acct for months and possibly did not do the auto-update over the Internet - sometimes you have to manually kick it to do the NF update by deactivating. On help dot Netflix dot com - lookup 'disconnect Wii' or whatever device you need to update, the help page will walk you through it.

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