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I like streaming video, but until all the titles in the world are available to stream, I need to keep watching DVDs. I watched Netflix DVDs for MANY MANY years and loved it, but the past several years, they seem to be deliberately trying to destroy their DVD business?

- They are making mobile interface unusable for DVDs. If someone told me about a good movie, I used to be able to use app to add it to my *** right away. Now I can't add it unless its available for streaming? Why? Dumb!

- I've had movies that used to be available on DVD that are now only in the "Saved" *** for YEARS... These are academy award nominees also - not only obscure, foreign films.

- They recently pulled dozens or 100s of movies out of my *** saying they were no longer available!! Are they available for streaming instead - no!? Just no longer available?

- I used to have 100s of DVDs in *** and a few dozen Saved. Now I have 100s in the Saved and only a few dozen in the actual ***?! What's going on?! I'll be out of DVDs to watch soon, and will have to stop paying the subscription.

- I've lowered my # of DVDs from 3 to 2 and now down to just 1 as there are so few movies remaining that I'm interested in on DVD. They keep reducing the number of available movies?!

I've never seen a company work so tirelessly at reducing the functionality of their apps and reducing the quality of their service offerings?!

So they are taking away many 1000s of DVD options, and in return, they offer a few movies and tv shows they have produced themselves!? Wow! No matter how great their own stuff is (and most of it isn't) it doesn't begin to replace the many thousands of movies that seem to be no longer available!

I signed up for Netflix originally because almost any movie I wanted I could order! The number I can order is rapidly shrinking. I really don't care if they are on DVD or streaming - but if I can't have one stop shopping for finding a movie I'm looking for at Netflix, then what do I really need to subscribe to it for?

This person wrote the review because of "make more movies available again!" at Netflix. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Netflix to offer any options to resolve the issue.

The most disappointing in user's experience was netflix self-destructing. Author liked the most what netflix used to be. If you have a chance, please contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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