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If you want to watch the saddest, grimmest, darkest, meanest, most depressing choice of films, watch Netflix, that is, except *** comedies. Every once in a while I am looking for an absorbing black and white 40's film and I Google it.

It's usually an acid in the face, down trodden female, with depraved gangsters and dark, miserable locales and characters. I'm done with Netflix. How cheap and mean spirited can these execs be?

If you want to be heard, rate these movies and let Netflix know how truly bad they are. If you spend $10 a month on iTunes films its cheaper and more enjoyable in the long run.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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You are sad, grim, dark and depressing. You spend more time on here whining about NF than 'enjoying your other choices' on iTunes.

Furthermore, you suck at math.

$10 a month is not cheaper than NF's $7.99 per month subscription. Think about it, u ntwit

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