Wow! So, the great thing I love about my family is we are not those who are down each others throats all day.

We are happy to go into our own spaces and watch netflix on computers, wii's, ps3, etc. However, now we can only watch Netflix on one system at a time. Where as before we could watch up to 5 simultaneously. They are not shipping dvd's to me, we just have steaming, so there isn't cost of gas.

Streaming doesn't cost a lot of money. They turned greedy. Sad!

Pethetic and Lame! I am very disappointed in a company I USE to brag about.

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Did you mean to say "gull" which is a seabird, or were you meaning gall?? the nerve or insolence.

Seriously!!! you have steaming funny, I have streaming Netflix. If yours is steaming something is on fire.

And a company you USEddddd to brag about. Sheeshhh what grade did you gradgeate (spelled wrong on purpose - will you notice??)

Waikoloa Village, Hawaii, United States #319946

I can still watch movies on my phone and 360 at the same time. Maybe you should look into your set up better

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