i loved the show teen wolf and now i cant find it. why did you delete it from Netflix want to my tv show and put season 3 on there. a lot of people what to see season 3 it was the best part so far.if you don't put it back on there a lot of people will stop watching Netflix and they will find some thing else to watch in steed of Netflix.i loved watching Netflix until i logged on one day and saw that my favorite tv show was gone.i have ben sad ever sense then

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I wish Teen Wolf was on Netfilx, but unfortunately it isnt. I watch Teen Wolf on Amazon Prime. I think Teen Wolf should be put back on Netflix!!!




Yes i agree I want teen wolf on neflix y delete it put it back on is the best serious I seen in a very long time


If you don't put it back on more and more people will end their member ship and you will run out of money and will have to get rid of it, so just put teen wolf back on Netflix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Teen wolf is my favorite show! And when it was taken off Netflix it made it harder for me to watch. I don't have cable but I have internet so I was happy when TW was on Netflix but now I only

Get to see an episode once or twice a week when I go see my cousin


Netflix should put back Teen Wolf because season five should be on there now. If they don't put Teen Wolf back on to Netflix I will never watch Netflix again! Put it back put it back put it back put it back put it back now


I stopped paying for Netflix and got Hulu because of this and Hulu has WAY more than Netflix


you all need to chill lol, they're contract with them expired and they had no choice but to take it off

to Anonymous #1039619



Teen wolf needs to be put back on Netflix!!! Like seriously!!!

Yall keep taking off the really good shows!! And another thing Netflix needs to put other shows on there as well like more Naruto and Bleach and Inuyasha and Smallville definitely those shows!!! Also Naruto Shippuden!!! Like seriously!!!!!

Start putting on the good stuff or im gonna get rid of Netflix!!

Its a waste of money if people cant even watch there favorite shows thats why we got it in the first place!!! Step up NETFLIX!!!!

to Anonymous #1016221

Amazon bought the streaming rights for Teen wolf


I totally agree! Netflix should put it back on there.


Really! Agreed put it back on asap!!

Pomeroy, Ohio, United States #1003211

I agree because I loved teen wolf and I watched it on Netflix but never got to finish one of the seasons and one day I got on to finish it and it was gone and it upset me very much #bringteenwolftonetflix


it is not fair that you took teen wolf off WE WANT IT ON NOW whats the point on having netflixs if you just take the show or movie that we are see off u even took the mindless behavior movie off i am done with netflixs


omg yes i dont watch netflix anymore none of my friends do either i want teen wolf back


I want teen wolf back on I didn't get to finish it!!

to AforAria Brentwood, New York, United States #969325

Go on show box u have to download aptoid and then use that app to down load showbox and they have teen wolf on there

to reah love #1092519

Yes but they don't have season 3 which is probably the beat season there is.

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