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I am a Netflix user and I know I should probably get over it and not be complaining about this but I am really annoyed. I LOVE The show the ranch!!

I finished season two and had to wait to start season theee till I saw my fiancé again. I was in very high suspsence for season three. THEN OUT OF NOWHERE YOU GUYS SHOWED SCENES FROM SEASON THREE ON THE TOP OF MY ACCOUNT SHOWING CLIPS I DID NOT ASK TO SEE AND YOU COMPLETELY RUINED THE SHOW!! I found out Heather was preagnant and btw you cant show her super pregnant in clips and then expect people to be surprised when she tells colt she is pregnant.

I'm just so frustrated!! With all of this being said I still love the show. But please fix this.

It is like when movies give away the whole movie in the trailer. It's unnecessary and takes away excitement from the actual movie.

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I think Netflix itself doesn't have control over which shows stay and go. I think when a show stops paying for its contract it gets removed.